Who We Are

We partner with investment companies.
We focus on data. They focus on investment.

Why Infovest? Solution Driven Technology

With Infovest, you can either take complete control of your solution and be self-sufficient or fully outsource to our managed service. Either way, we can get you up and running quickly.

Rapid customised configuration, based on a proven framework delivers swifter returns to your business than any other solution.

Uniquely, we span the market in terms of flexibility, from best practice data schemas to fully bespoke models.

The Benefits of Working With Infovest

  • Our proprietary Bridge implementation methodology enables you to derive a rapid return on your investment without the lengthy timescales typically associated with traditional software implementation projects. Our solutions can be installed with you or hosted by us.
  • We provide solutions that are flexible and scalable which you can control. We do not prescribe, we adapt to what you need allowing you to get on with what you do best.
  • Infovest will clean up your legacy system architecture, while mitigating the risk of change.
  • We position asset servicers to handle new, value-added services; and we help asset managers adapt to change, driven by events such as regulation, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Infovest’s client service team works in close partnership with you. This consultative approach helps you to achieve your vision. Proven success with 100% delivery on our client mandates.

Infovest provides the best of both worlds, allowing you to have flexibility and control…


Our post trade compliance solution allows you to build your own rules and reports easily using a straightforward GUI. Adding mandates or amending rules is simple and within your control.


Our Investment Data Management (IDM) solution will provide you with a consistent, reliable repository of clean data – a universal challenge for asset managers and asset service providers alike. With one centralised data source, you will be able to simplify your system architecture, thereby reducing the duplication of systems and effort, as well as minimising the risk of data errors.

Enterprise Reporting

Our enterprise reporting solution simplifies the report production process using intelligent management of report structures and content. The highly scalable solution offers complete report design flexibility.

Regulatory Reporting

Our regulatory reporting service allows clients to meet their obligations related to the ever-changing regulatory environment. For asset servicers, these capabilities will also make their firm more ‘sticky’ and enable them to broaden their service offering to clients and improve their bottom-line.

Fund Factsheets

Our managed fund factsheet service facilitates the production of your monthly fund fact sheets. With data powered by StatPro Revolution our managed service provides you peace of mind along with accurate data and branded with logos and colour schemes.