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We help asset managers adapt to change, driven by events such as regulation, mergers and acquisitions. Our proprietary Bridge Methodology enables clients to derive a rapid return on their investment, without the lengthy timescales associated with traditional compliance, data management and reporting projects.

Relevant Products

Infovest Compliance

Post trade portfolio compliance

  • Flexible data integration
  • Comprehensive rule libraries
  • Breach workflow management
  • Introduces a culture of compliance

Infovest Compliance is our highly respected and comprehensive post trade compliance system. A powerful, cost effective solution perfect for administrators and custodians as well as fund of fund managers. Our specialist post trade compliance solution is flexible and empowers our clients allowing them to add new rules, mandates and build reports.

Infovest IDM

Investment data management

  • Complete flexibility
  • Outsource or self-sufficiency
  • Powerful platform with toolkits
  • Best practice bridge to your data

Infovest has devised a new and agile approach to IDM that reduces the implementation time, increases ROI and allows our clients to control and adapt the solution themselves. Infovest IDM provides the tools and structures to control and maintain investment data, ensuring data quality, completeness and auditability across the enterprise. Uniquely, Infovest IDM can be supplied with best practice data schemas or as a platform allowing clients to create their own model. We never prescribe data formats or file layouts – we adapt to what our clients need.

Infovest Reporter

Client reporting

  • Production line scalability
  • Flexible use of reporting content
  • Ease of use
  • Streamlined solution

We offer scalable, flexible enterprise reporting that can be fully integrated into a client’s existing architecture. Infovest Reporter is easily managed by clients allowing them to produce any kind of report including client statements, fund factsheets and the creation of high-quality, comprehensive report packs for clients and individual portfolios.

Infovest Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting

  • End-to-end solution
  • Flexible data integration
  • Installed or managed service
  • Extremely efficient solution

Infovest provides a solution for the comprehensive reporting of various financial regulations around the world. A managed service for regulatory reporting that can adapt to the evolving needs of clients and the regulatory environment.

StatPro Revolution Fund Factsheet Service

Fund factsheets

  • High quality factsheets
  • Accurate data
  • Timely production
  • Managed service
  • Improves efficiency

We have partnered with StatPro to bring clients an alternative to their fund factsheet production process. Using the StatPro Revolution engine, we offer a managed service for clients to outsource the production of their fund factsheets to us.