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High quality fund factsheets with

accurate data, delivered on a timely

basis help set you apart

StatPro Revolution Fund Factsheet Service

Fund factsheets

  • High quality factsheets
  • Accurate data
  • Timely production
  • Managed service
  • Improves efficiency

Infovest recognises the production of fund factsheets is an essential element in the marketing strategy of today’s successful investment manager. High quality fund factsheets with accurate data, delivered on a timely basis help set you apart. Traditionally to achieve this, managers either install a professional client reporting solution, like Infovest Reporter, or manually produce them using Word and Excel, which is time consuming and invites plenty of scope for error.

Now, there is a third way. Infovest and StatPro have teamed up to create a managed service for the automatic creation of fund factsheets.

The StatPro Revolution Fund Factsheet Service enables you to fully outsource the production of your monthly fund factsheets making use of the essential “signed off” data that resides in Revolution while combining it with your commentary. Factsheets are produced with your own branding, logos and colour schemes.

Automatically. Leaving you to focus on your business.


Improves communication with clients and prospects by providing consistent and up-to-date fund factsheets

Fully automates production of your fund factsheets and marketing reports with fast and efficient turnaround times

Reduces strain on existing resources by outsourcing the production of your fund factsheets and by leveraging your existing setup thereby saving time and money

Reliable, consistent data delivered by StatPro Revolution for your calculated returns, risk information, benchmark data and security level classifications

Utilising StatPro Revolution’s existing secure sign off process ensures that your fund factsheets contain up-to-date and approved analytics data

Security in knowing your StatPro Revolution Fund Fact Sheet Service is SSAE16 compliant and resides on a StatPro secure data centre server