What We Do

We bridge the gap between you and your data.
We provide solutions that are flexible and scalable, and which you can control.

You need to automate as much as

possible but retain the flexibility

to create or amend reports yourself

Infovest Reporter

Client reporting

  • Production line scalability
  • Flexible use of reporting content
  • Ease of use
  • Streamlined solution

We believe that your reports are the shop window to the service you provide. They need to be accurate, flexible, automated but also personal.

Reporting can be complex and each industry has unique challenges when it comes to reporting. You need to automate as much as possible but retain the flexibility to create or amend reports yourself. We offer you a scalable, automated enterprise reporting function.

You need to control the process through clear workflow and everything must be automatically recorded in an audit trail. Infovest reporter has you covered and gives you the assurance you need.

Institutional asset managers have an ever-increasing need to show transparency in reporting. At the same time, the information required by your clients is increasingly complex and detailed.

For wealth managers, providing your clients with commentary, explanation, detailed asset allocation, risk and fund look-through is important, but your branding is also key. For some having a solution that can handle the automated production of tens of thousands of individual report packs is essential.

Fund administrators and other third party asset servicers need to provide an automated reporting service for hundreds of different clients whilst ensuring that each client’s output is unique and accurate.

Infovest Reporter is our enterprise client reporting solution and it meets the challenges described above. Our tools will ensure that you can add new data sources, amend reports or build new report packs easily. The flexibility is built-in to link directly to your existing data warehouse.


Infovest Reporter uses Microsoft SSRS making it easy for you to build, maintain and customise your reports thereby improving flexibility and reducing costs.

Able to pull data from multiple sources, leveraging our long track record in building ETL tools and our proven workflow capabilities.

Highly scalable to handle large volumes of reports efficiently.

MIS dashboards.

Comprehensive workflow and audit trails give you control and peace of mind.

Custom branding and formats.

Our organized and dedicated support team comes with every Infovest Reporter system. We adopt a truly consultative role and become a partner to our clients enabling you to achieve your goals.