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AIFMD Annex IV Reporting

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is an EU directive that aims to create a harmonised regulatory framework for firms managing or marketing alternative investment funds (AIFs) in Europe. It affects managers of all non-UCITS funds, including hedge funds, private equity and property funds with geared assets of more than £100 million or £500 million ungeared.

The directive introduces a wide set of rules covering the authorisation, ongoing operation and transparency of managers of AIFs that are marketed in the EU. AIFMD applies to both managers of EU AIFs and non-EU managers marketing AIFs in the EU. The aim of the requirement is to give the regulators the means to monitor systemic risk.

Infovest’s AIFMD Annex IV solution maps, validates and centralises all of the data necessary to populate the 340 data fields required for the reports

Information Solution Set

One of the main challenges that AIFMs face in the implementation of AIFMD is reporting. This involves an extensive process of gathering data from multiple sources, validation, re-classification, mapping and performing multiple calculations, some of which are complex.

Following a detailed assessment of the client’s data sources and capabilities, Infovest’s AIFMD Annex IV solution maps, validates and centralises all of the data necessary to populate the 340 data fields required for the reports. This includes re-classifying instruments and then calculating (through interaction with our analytics partners) the essential risk measures required. These include VaR, leverage, liquidity, deltas, exposures and stress testing.

Under AIFMD, each individual national competent authority defines the format for delivering reports. There are two types of report, covering asset managers and the funds they manage. The AIFM Report provides details of the manager and a consolidated view of the assets they manage. The AIF Report details each fund, offering details of underlying assets, risk exposure, types of investor and so on.

Infovest ensures that every field change is audited and that progress is monitored with the complete visibility offered by our workflow capability. Our clients receive a fully functioning production system with the back-up of access to our experienced consultants.


We give you the option of client managed or a fully outsourced system.

Ability to source data either internally or from our industry leading partners.

Power to amalgamate, classify, control, maintain, reconcile, validate and disseminate your regulatory data.

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Improves efficiency.