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We bridge the gap between you and your data.
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Delivering compliance for clearly

defined statutory regulations in

the most cost-effective manner

Infovest Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting

  • End-to-end solution
  • Flexible data integration
  • Installed or managed service
  • Extremely efficient solution

Delivering compliance for clearly defined statutory regulations in the most efficient manner. You provide the data, we provide the solution.

Investment management firms are facing a barrage of emerging regulatory requirements aimed at ensuring they have adequate capital and liquidity coverage to offer investor protection and ensure financial market stability.

In addition to multi-jurisdictional regulators, national bodies are prescribing additional rules in an attempt to drive structural and systematic change. As a result, investment firms are facing a number of challenging regulatory initiatives, including:

For those who adapt and comply, new opportunities and operational efficiencies are created. Working with the right data management and reporting partner helps organisations achieve success in this complex environment. Few firms can achieve this using their existing resources, which is why working with the right data management and reporting partner is a critical factor to success.

A Regulatory Reporting Checklist

Infovest has developed a suite of data management and reporting solutions specifically designed to help investment managers control, maintain, reconcile and disseminate their data to meet their regulatory obligations.

Infovest’s executive team has many years of experience in building solutions for regulatory compliance and portfolio control. Leveraging this experience, Infovest continues to work with clients to address a wide range of regulatory challenges at the data management and reporting level.

Typically, clients follow a similar path of high-level tasks:

  • Accurate interpretation of applicable rules.
  • Sourcing and amalgamation of the required data sets.
  • Validation and cleansing of data.
  • Calculating risk and exposure statistics.
  • Deriving classification structures from the rules.
  • Creating reports based on the classifications.
  • Controlling the process through definition and workflow.

Infovest provides full implementation services utilising a framework called ‘Bridge Methodology’ to structure, plan and control each regulatory solution implementation. Our consultants have a strong understanding of all investment management data elements and structures. This combination of experience and procedure explains how Infovest has achieved a 100% success rate on delivering fully against each client’s reporting requirement to date.

If you do not have the complete data set, Infovest works with selected partners to provide the necessary elements of additional data, both source and calculated, that are required. By leveraging these relationships, we are able to offer complete solutions to the following regulations.


A broad range of regulations addressed.

Power to amalgamate, classify, control, maintain, reconcile, validate and disseminate your regulatory data.

We give you the option of client managed or a fully outsourced system.

Ability to source data either internally or from our industry leading partners.

Complete confidence in accurate calculation of risk and exposure statistics.

Improves efficiency.