What We Do

We bridge the gap between you and your data.
We provide solutions that are flexible and scalable, and which you can control.

An expert data warehouse solution, without

 the need to be a data warehouse expert

Infovest Investment Data Management

Investment Data Management

  • Complete flexibility
  • Outsource or self-sufficiency
  • Powerful platform with toolkits
  • Best practice bridge to your data

Infovest IDM allows you to create a central data store for all types of shared data. This removes dependencies between systems, ensuring there is only ONE accepted version of each data element, and offers opportunities to perform true business intelligence.

With Infovest IDM, you have complete flexibility in deployment. Your solution can be supplied with best practice data schemas or as a toolkit allowing you to create your own environment.

  • Do you want to build your data warehouse using your own unique data schema but want the ability to leverage a fast track toolkit that will deliver a faster ROI and ensure that you build a data warehouse the right way, the first time? We can do that.
  • Are you looking to deploy a best practice data schema for your specific industry? We can provide you with that.
  • Do you want to ‘own’ your solution and have complete control of your integration (ETL), evolution of your IDM and full control over developing and amending your reports? We can provide you with the toolkit to achieve your vision.
  • Perhaps you would prefer that we handle it all and deliver your solution to you? We do that as well.

You choose the approach that works for you and we can provide it, including a hybrid version of the above.

Whichever option you choose, with Infovest’s unique ‘pattern approach’ we never prescribe the way you send us your data. Just send it in the format you have and we will do the rest, saving you time and valuable resources and giving you control.

Infovest IDM: An expert data warehouse solution, without the need to be a data warehouse expert.


Clean consistent data to feed systems.

Transparency and visibility of data.

Ability to query, slice and dice data.

Central repository – ‘One version of the truth’.

Advanced data maintenance – control and enrich static and reference data.

Data quality control – flag and address any data that doesn’t meet specified quality criteria.

No prescribed format for importing existing data files.

Clean architecture – ability to isolate system dependencies.

Data consolidation across multiple departments/business units/companies.

An IDM solution that doesn’t prescribe but puts you in control.

With our finely-tuned client service team, customers of our IDM solution can be assured of a partner who is focused on improving their processes through implementation and beyond. With our proprietary ‘Bridge Methodology’ we have delivered against the original client mandate 100% of the time.