What We Do

We bridge the gap between you and your data.
We provide solutions that are flexible and scalable, and which you can control.

monitor investment guidelines prescribed

from any source, to better achieve compliance

 across complex investment strategies

Infovest Compliance

Post trade portfolio compliance

  • Flexible data integration
  • Comprehensive rule libraries
  • Breach workflow management
  • Introduces a culture of compliance

Our rules-based methodology will help position your firm to meet the needs of the continually evolving regulatory landscape.

Infovest’s post trade compliance solution offers you the ability to monitor investment guidelines prescribed from any source, to better achieve compliance across complex investment strategies, increased regulatory scrutiny and stringent investment guidelines. Our specialist post trade compliance solution is flexible and empowers our clients allowing them to add new rules, mandates and build reports.

Infovest Compliance is designed to support the full lifecycle of compliance, from preventing and identifying breaches through breach management workflow, to the audit and reporting to all stakeholders including management, clients and regulators. Using a simple, web-based interface, the solution provides you with consistent, daily compliance processing and full transparency to the underlying investment data and breach results.

With its ‘best-of-breed’ functionality, Infovest’s post trade compliance solution has garnered a loyal international client base that includes trustees, asset managers (multi managers, management companies, mutual funds and fund of funds), pension funds and service providers.


You can effectively manage counterparty risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, leverage and look-through as well as other investment guidelines, client mandates and regulatory rulebooks using the intuitive and flexible rule creation interface. No IT involvement is required.

Designed to support the full lifecycle of compliance, from identifying breaches and breach management workflow to the audit and reporting to all stakeholders including management, clients and regulators.

Industry and investment strategy agnostic with a singular focus on post trade compliance – perfect for third party asset servicers and fund of fund managers.

Full support of global regulatory requirements including UCITS IV, UCITS V, non-UCITS, AIFMD, US Investment Company Act of 1940, IRS, Canadian NI 81-102, RSA CISCA, Regulation 28 & 30 and LT & STIA, RSA Hedge Funds, Shariah restrictions, client mandates, house views and internal checks.

Flexible and easy to use allowing compliance teams to be self-sufficient and empowered. You can be in control with a full audit trail of breaches, breach interactions, breach calculations and all underlying calculation data.

Enhance your productivity and efficiency with automated workflow and a flexible reporting capability. Manage and build new reports yourself, easily.

Portfolio mandates can be easily added or amended by you using a simple GUI.

Flexible, easy to use architecture.

Access to a secure web portal is provided so that you and your clients can have controlled access and can view potential or actual breaches and comment on actions taken.

Adaptability to future requirements – you have full control of the data and rule enhancements.

Our compliance solution is supported by a dynamic team. Through our ‘Bridge Methodology’ we work in partnership with our clients to fully understand their requirements and environment prior to implementation. As a result, we have achieved a 100% success rate against our clients’ original project mandates.