Who We Are

We partner with investment companies.
We focus on data. They focus on investment.

Our ‘Bridge Methodology’

Infovest’s agile implementation approach (the ‘Bridge Methodology’) delivers accurate results rapidly with minimal disruption to your business. Our proprietary method is the framework we use to structure, plan, and control all our software implementations.

The methodology considers the full life cycle of your project from inception through to completion. Our aim is to deliver you faster ROI at every stage of your project. Based on Infovest’s best practices including templates and checklists, it is focused on deliverables designed to increase consistency and productivity for your firm. Bridge leverages existing software development and data warehouse dimensional modelling processes.

Our implementations are tailored to suit you. We work with you to ensure that the following areas of an implementation are carefully managed:

  • Project management
  • Overall solution architecture
  • Data source analysis
  • Data mapping
  • Workflow and data imports and extracts
  • Enquiry specification and design
  • Report specification and layout design

Every investment manager is unique; therefore every implementation is unique. We use our extensive experience and adopt best practices in every case.

The end result is a solution that caters to your exact needs, with no surprises or open deliverables.

Infovest’s agile implementation approach delivers accurate, rapid results to you with minimal disruption to your business.